My mic doesn't pick up my voice suddenly, but people can hear my computer sounds


Oct 22, 2014
Suddenly my mic stopped working. People are suddenly able to hear sounds from my computer (for example a song that I have playing in iTunes or Spotify), however, they can no longer hear my voice.

I doubt this has to do with my microphone (Razer carcharias headset), and more to do with my settings... But the question is, how do I fix this? And why did it randomly happen? I just started up my computer the other day, changed nothing at all, and suddenly the microphone has stopped working.

I have searched the internet for a few hours now already to fix this, but I haven't been able to find a solution. I really have tried a lot of things.

Please, please help me out, I'm being killed from annoyance!

PS: I expect a lot of people will suggest me to do stuff that I have already done, please just throw everything at me that I can do, I will respond as fast as I can to let people know what I have/haven't done or tried already.

Thank you.


Mar 18, 2013
You've gone to your audio setting in your taskbar and set the Razer headset as the default device? Make sure in recording options it's set as both the default device AND the default communication device. What programs are you using? It may be something in there, see if you can go into the options of those and do the same thing.
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