Solved! My microphone is picking up headphone sound

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Nov 8, 2018
So i recently bought a headset which is Beexcellent GM-1 3.5mm. the first thing i did was i opened sound recorder since its the first thing i would do to check my mic is boosted. i have windows 7 and im not sure if other windows has that also but then i figured i'm getting sound when i play music on youtube especially fortnite when my friend told me that my mic was picking up in-game sound while i talk. how do i find a solution for this
Nov 8, 2018
I have found the solution! since this mic needs a splitter cable and to anyone who has a headset requiring a splitter cable all you need to do is push both jack until you hear a last clipping sound
Nov 8, 2018

yes this headset requires a splitter cable and i have plugged them correctly
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