Question My mouse cursor is moving on its own

Mar 27, 2023
I was playing on my laptop (Dell Inspiron, Windows 10) when I noticed that my mouse cursor suddenly began sliding to the right. It is moving slowly in a straight horizontal line to the right of the screen. I restarted and shut down my laptop multiple times but it doesn't fixed the problem. I tried unplugging the mouse but the movement is still there. I also tried disabling the touchpad but the movement still persists. I also looked for solutions online, most of what I saw said that I should just update the driver of the mouse. I tried it to but to no avail. My brother found a temporary solution, I will uninstall the mouse on the Device Manager first before using the laptop. The problem with this is whenever I unplug and plug in the mouse or restart and shut down my laptop, the problem will also return.
gif on how the movement looks like