Question My new Asus takes to much time on a blacks screen before loading Win 8 Logon screen


Dec 23, 2009

I've just bougt a new ASUS FA506IU-HN278 R7. It's a TUF Gaming laptop (AMD Ryzen 7, 16gb rRAM, SSD 1Gb and a GTX 1660i.

It cam with no OS but no problem, I've installed Windows 10 on it.

The question is that, considering it's hardware, I expected it to load windows in just a few seconds.

However it actually takes too much time since to load the actual windows 10 logon screen from the moment I press the "turn on" button" . It spends more than 15 seconds showing a black screen until the windows logon screen finally apears.

I must admit that once I logon it quickly loads windows itself. But I expected windows to load in just a few seconds from the moment I pressed the "turn on" button.

Is this normal? Could this be some kind of BIOS misconfiguration? I loaded the bios setep and reseted to the defaut settings. But it keeps taking the same time to load windows logon screen.

Thanks in advance for your opinion,

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