My new headphone cable does not fit into my Audioengine D1 DAC/AMP.


May 16, 2016
I bought "professional" studio style headphones (Fostex T50RP) whose cable ends with a big male end about 3 cm long and maybe 1/2 cm wide. The DAC/AMP accepts a smaller male connector, the kind that would be on the end of your earbuds. How can I connect them? Should I accept the fact that I am a fool and send back my professional headphones, or can I connect them somehow? Is there another cable I could use? and where would I find one? I need it yesterday for school.
i would rather suggest an adapter cable instead of a solid adapter plug since a plug generates leverage on the port with the cable and adapter both sticking out and could break something if you are not careful. an adapter cable (it doesnt have to be long, just a few inches) will only be putting the weight of the 3.5mm plug on the port so is not likely to cause leverage damage.

like this