My new VGA will not work correctly with Dell Monitor

Tim Marshall

Dec 23, 2014
I am using this ( Dell screen connected with this ( VGA cable.

My computer or dell software will not detect my screen as Dell with my new longer cable causing the display to be off, most things stretched.

Tim Marshall

Dec 23, 2014

Previously my computer was elsewhere and the VGA cable which came with my monitor works which I'd say is around half the size of this cable. Would length effect a computer recognizing the screen model?


Louise Porkolt

Nov 25, 2014
length does affect the working of a cable !

(if the length is double also the resistance of the cable doubles, but only if the diameter of the cables (inside) are the same.)

so if you need a longer cable be sure the cable is thicker !
and don't go over a certain length,

but if the cable was conceived for VGA it should work !
maybe the quality of it was not checked (cheap make) ?

can you check the cable with another PC ?

Tim Marshall

Dec 23, 2014

The cable is much thicker and has good reviews on Amazon. At the moment using my AMD software I am using manual settings to make my resolution correct however preferably I need to resolve as my Dell application does not work due to undetecting the monitor.

I've got three identical screens in my office and three identical computers (well two purchased at a later date and look slightly different but purchased same listed item). Are you wanting me to try the VGA lead with my PC with a different screen or different screen and computer?

Pretty late at the moment, 03:06! Will have to try this later, I'm meant to be up early for a delivery... I best try and catch some sleep!!

Thanks for your help :)
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