My phone number is Removed

Feb 10, 2018
I forgot the name of my old phone how u get my old pictures off my old phone to my new one it's 4something don't remember thebname of the old one lol it up for me
Knowing a name on a phone or the number for it will make no difference on getting files off of it. You have a few ways.

One, you can move all the files (not apps) to the phone's SD card and then move the SD card over to the new device. As long as they use the same kind of card. Be sure you save all contacts to be able to transfer them as well. There should be an option in the contacts to export them.

Two, you can upload all the files (including contacts but not apps) to a cloud account, google account, etc. and then download them to the new phone. You don't need data on either device as long as you can access WiFi on them both.

or Three, connect the old phone to a computer via USB cord and copy or move all the files (again not apps) over to an empty folder on the computer. Then disconnect that phone and connect the new one via USB cord to the computer. You can then copy or move all the files over to the new phone.

NOTE: This will only work if 1. you still have the old phone and 2. the old phone is still functioning correctly.
May 26, 2018
Question from wilmawagoner8 : "How do I get my picture s from my old phone to my new phone make it easy here help"

Help with pictures on my new phone from my old phone
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