Question My router lan port downloading without connecting to it

May 16, 2020
Hi guys,
I've been having over usage problems with my net connection, without really using the net. ( My net package subscription used to be more than enough for my usage per month). Lately after subscribing to a different net company ( giving me also a new router modem), my package lasts for half a month. I disconnected all devices and changed passwords with no i entered the log of the router to see which lan port is the one consuming. Surprisingly i found an empty lan port consuming more gegabytes than both my used lan ports.. I am using lan port 2 & 3 only. Lan port 1& 4 are empty,but lan port 4 is showing download counter numbers with no uploads. I reset all counters to recheck. Lan 4 started to show again.

How could this lan be downloading without connecting to anything?
Unfortunately i don't have an old modem to connect,so I'm willing to buy a new modem instead of this company's one( could the net company be the one to do this to finish my package early?)

Please advise...Thank you
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