my sister gave me a lab top but its a older acer no crystal eye came up under programs. can any one help me?

I recommend re-loading the OS if the laptop doesn't run a smooth as it did new or has issues.

Otherwise, skip to step #4->

1) Setup a System Restore point
*Highly recommended you get a cheap USB HDD if you don't own one. My bro-in-law had an Acer and his HDD failed which meant he had to not only buy a new HDD but also a copy of Windows since his Warranty was up.

$85 for a 2TB USB HDD:

Also he lost all his important work data (thus you should replace a backup periodically).

2) Create a BACKUP IMAGE if possible (Acronis True Image Free, or Seagate DiscWizard Free, or other similar program). Require a USB hard drive likely.

3) Restore hidden backup Image (usually one of the F-Keys on bootup. Probably can see which one during bootup if you look quickly... or Google)

4) Create a RESTORE POINT (so you can rollback in case of driver update issues)

5) *Then go to the Acer support site for your EXACT laptop and look for software and/or drivers to install.

**There should also be a program that uses your webcam. May be part of a single program that contains multiple drivers/programs for the laptop.

Install SKYPE (requires webcam to be setup)

- Backup!!
- drivers/software at the Acer support site (exact model)
- restore backup Image?