My Sound Card Sucks And My New Headset Uses Jacks


Dec 15, 2012
I recently bought the Hyper X Cloud and realized that my sound is utter crap. It makes buzzing noises when I don't put the audio into my speakers. The mic coming with the Cloud comes with the same problem. Is there any way besides paying 80 bucks for a new sound card to make this mic sound good, like a USB headset? Anyways thanks.

EDIT: I think I have a soundcard in my PC. Realtek. Not exactly sure, but yes I tried both front and rear.

So the headset I'm using uses audio jacks. When I put the jacks directly to my PC the headset buzzes, but alternatively if I connect them to my speakers they do not.

Yes, I am considering to replace the headset if the only alternative is paying 80 bucks for a a new soundcard.


1) Do you have a sound card or onboard sound?

2) Please explain the buzzing issue more clearly.
Do you mean the speakers do NOT buzz but if you use the headphones instead they DO BUZZ?

The microphone buzzing is also confusing since that's an INPUT only into the PC. If it's not attached to the computer it shouldn't be affecting anything.

3) I'm not clear on your logic with the last part either.
You are hesitant to buy a new sound card for $80 but are considering replacing the headset?

I'll attempt to help:

a) If you DESKTOP speakers work fine with your computer then there's likely nothing wrong with your existing audio solution.

b) Buzzing is often a grounding issue. I suggest trying the headphones on other devices/computers and if they work there it's probably your motherboard.

I don't have enough info such as whether you use Digital or Analog output to your desktop speakers to troubleshoot completely.

c) Have you tried the REAR as well as FRONT on the case (if onboard sound) for the headphones?
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