My speakers are louder while connected to tv with hdmi than connected with aux in to the pc. Why is that and how to solve that


Not unusual.

Sound/volume is controlled by hardware and software.

And audio can take various paths from source to speaker.

Then you throw in the "recording levels" of the source which can be overly loud or quiet.....

I am always having to tinker with volume to avoid it being too loud or too low to respectively save my ear drums or hear the quieter parts.

You may have some software control that maintains a constant volume level - depends on the software drivers and tools available to you.

Find out what that "black box" is and do some experimenting via every hardware and software control you can find.

You will soon figure out the most effective way to control the volume most of the time. There will still be exceptions that will require you to go back a step to adjust something too loud or too soft.
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