Question My tablet won't turn on ,

Mar 4, 2019
it was at night , I was using my tablet normally like usual then the next morning it couldn't turn on , I didn't pay attention to it because I thought it's the battery then i put it charging but It didn't turn on ?! I gave it to a specialist well he didn't find problem with the connector but he replace a full battery and it didn't turn on . he told me to consult another one . I'm scared if it's broken , do you have any ideas of the problem and if it can't work , it's made in China and i don't know the mark it's Shop something , Pls Help me because it's not even mine so i don't know how to face its owner


If someone already looked at it, there is nothing we can do over the internet. Usually those cheap tablets are much cheaper to replace than try to fix. If the charging port was checked, and you tried a few different cables, time to replace it.
You need to just contact the owner and tell them the truth. If you didn't do anything to it like drop it or damage it, then while it happened when in your care, it wouldn't be your fault.

So face them, tell them and let them handle what they want to do about it. If it is found that you were the cause of the problem, well then you can always pay them for whatever it cost to fix.

Such is life.
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