my toshiba laptop not opening


Nov 20, 2014
when i open its saying that boot mgr is missing, then saying ctrl+alt+del to restart but after all that no solution
Running the automatic Windows Repair Tool should resolve that (sometimes needs to be run more than once). Might need to get your hands on a Windows installation disc though.


Nov 19, 2014
If this happens every time you try to power on your laptop, it's probably a corrupted Windows update, or something similar. Best to try what Titillating suggested first. But, if a Startup Repair doesn't help, you may not need an installation disc at all.

If you can access your BIOS, make sure your HDD is first in your boot order. This should prevent any media you may have inserted (CD's, DVD's, flash drives, etc) from trying to boot the PC.

Depending on the device's age, you could have a faulty SATA cable, or even a faulty power supply. If it's a newer device (within the past 3 years) this is highly unlikely.

It could also be that your HDD itself is corrupt in some sectors. There are fixes for this, but most will result in data loss.

If you can fix with the repair tool, all should be well from there on out. If that doesn't work and you can access the system to access System Restore after a reboot, try back-dating to a point from earlier in the year (when this wasn't happening. Don't go very far back, but try to avoid more recent restore points, as the issue may still persist.)