My wifi is not showing up in the wifi list using any devices and can only be connected by laptop using ethernet cable , HELP M

Mar 23, 2018
im from malaysia , im using YES 4G Fiz White , there is no any device could find the wifi even the wifi router indicates 5 lights (highest coverage) ...the wifi can only be connected by using ethernet cable am I suppose to connect it using my cell phone ...hoping for answer , really hoping for ur help ! thanks :'(
Sounds like the WiFi card may be in need of replacing. They do go bad. If the device is under warranty, contact the manufacturer. If it isn't, then you have the option of replacing it yourself (or taking it to a local tech). You can, however, if you don't want to replace the internal WiFi card, look into an external connector, which will connect to the laptop via a USB port. They can be as cheap or cheaper, and obviously easier to install.