My Windows 10 toshiba pc keeps shutting off a few seconds after I enter the password and reach the desktop, someone PLEASE HEL


Jun 13, 2016
Someone please help, see I bought this Windows 10 toshiba satellite s55. I immediately began having problems with it, first driver problems, then Windows not loading properly (I had to pay 30$ to fix it) and now I was playing a game then it suddenly shut off, I was like ok I'll just turn t back on, I did, it turned on and everything, I was going to open the game again (I didn't yet) then it shut off again. Then I got really angry because I knew it was another problem. I turned it on and it said "Windows did not load properly" I pressed exit and continue to Windows 10, then I managed to get to the desktop again and it turned off again, and the same thing just kept happening over and over, I attempted to back it up but I didn't even have enough time to open the file history settings. Someone PLEASE HELP!