My Windows 7 Keeps crashing at loading Graphics Card


May 11, 2015
Hi everyone, I've just signed up to this forum to ask a really complicated thing (or that's what i think) that i'm having with my computer.

I have a Laptop Samsung np300e4c with Win 7 and i just formatted it for this exact issue that I've just figured out.
I was reinstalling the Graphics card Driver and when i restared the pc, the computer just keeps on black screen after the Windows logo. I tried downloading the most recent driver and the one that comes with the computer. None of them worked, they just crash the start up.
My problem is that I think the drivers that are actually installed are not the most convinient for my computer, and I want an update of the graphics card.
Also, i thought that the problem with my computer was something on the Windows Update so I just didn't activate the automatic updates.

I don't know what to do to fix this, even if I search on google I can't find a solution.


Hello Soundaxe

If you are not sure if the graphics driver that you are using is appropriate, you can:

> Boot Windows in Safe Mode (by pressing the F8 key repeatedly during the system startup).

> Uninstall the currently installed graphics driver.

> Use any one of the available driver detection and installation tools such as Slim Drivers, Unknown Device Identifier, DriverPack Solution, Slim Drivers, or DriverMax.

Note: These utilities, when installed and executed can automatically search the best drivers for your PC, download them, and install them.

The best way to use such a tool is, let it download and install the driver that is best for your hardware, and after the driver is installed, check the name of the driver manually (from the Device Manager snap-in for future reference.

Let me know if this helps.
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