Question Mysterious Pixel 4/Android 12 white light effect (video link)


Oct 10, 2016
After the installation of Android 12 on my Pixel 4 my phone started this weird "white light" effect, a cloud of white that starts at the bottom of the phone and quickly moves up. My wife was able to help me catch it on her phone. Here is the youtube link:

In the link I seem to be able to trigger the effect by tapping on the phone but it would appear all by itself, and it appeared at home screen level as well as in all the apps.

I thought well maybe it is a haptic input glitch and turned that off, but that didn't change anything.

This morning I thought, well, maybe I should reboot one more time. When I did, the boot up process did the thing it does after an update 5%, 12%, 21%.... you know, it ticked off its progress in the installation. It doesn't do that for a "normal" power up. So this left me wondering whether the white light effect is the phone's way of telling you that the OS install is incomplete. To me it has had the feeling of something that was designed, not a failure mode, but who knows. I'm a bit uncertain about it because when I received the update available notification I clicked "yes" and restarted the phone when I thought it was done. That's when the white light effect started. Maybe it just needed a second reboot, I won't know till I've used it for a while.

Anyhow any thoughts on hardware or software aspects of this symptom, or a word from someone who has experienced it, would be appreciated.

Edit, somewhat later: Well it's been some hours now and I know the phone still has the problem. Never mind the reboot.
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