Question n150rd bios

May 22, 2021
Hi everyone

Today I was going to use my laptop Clevo n150rd (Intel i7 6700HQ/nVidia GTX 960M 2GB) and the laptop going to upgrading bios without reason, I even access the bios menu...
I found it really strange because there is not internet connection and any flash drive to load/update bios, but If it starts I let it go until the end, after it...
The laptop restarted and the fans get 100% speed and the screen turn on but all blacked, nothing works after it...

I dont know why this happen and now I'm thinking if I flash the bios, using a eprom flash, can I make it work again?
I have a eprom flash, but I have no idea what is the correct C.I that I need to connect to do it, does anyone can please help me with it ?