Solved! Nakamichi Sound Bar (second hand) & TCL TV

Jan 22, 2019
I have a second-hand Nakamichi sound bar with sub woofer. Both power on and have an HDMI cord attached, but my TV will not recognize it. I also connected a set of speaker cables (red/white) but that doesn't work either. All I can figure is my TV is telling me that the speaker needs to have its reset button pushed to bring it back to factory settings. Can't find that anywhere. Don't know the model number as there is no remote.

That's highly dubious, plus a SB, depending how sophisticated is, may not have a reset-to-factory, but manual is your ultimate arbitrator.

Red/White suggests ANALOG, that should ALWAYS work, is as basic and u can get.

Did this SB EVER worked? Be sure you know your output from input now. By experience, modern TVs analog out is provided with the headphone_out jack and nowhere else. Digital TV to SB is delivered via HDMI ARC or Optical and that's it.