Near 2kg laptop for a girl (brothers unite!)


Aug 9, 2016

My sister asked me as I am more experienced with computers but I still cannot decide what to get for her as a laptop. I want something that will have:

1. anti glare screen (she will use it outside as well)
2. fast processor
3. fast ram
4. storage hdd (more than 500gb and she will use external hdd as well)
5. screen must be 1366x768 (15" i think?)
6. Near 2kg
7. Good battery (she will carry additional one with her)
8. Good cooling (I have a laptop that I used for gaming although it was not designed for that and it never had problems with the heat)
*NUMPAD is not a must - if it's there, ok but if its not doesnt matter

The computer wont be used for games - only for movies and work. Her work is not with autocad or visualstudio. She is not a designer/engineer. She will work with data (not huge excel sheets).

What I've found as models so far and i consider from best to less good:

1. Lenovo g510
2. lenovo w520
3. lenovo t520
4. aspire 5755g
5. aspire 5750g
6.lenovo l540
7. aspire e5 572g 57hc

I know some of them dont meet exactly the criteria but if you can find something that can get close to the criteria it will warm my heart.

I've chosen the laptops because of their processors only - the disc reader will be removed for ssd and probably their hdd will be replaced. Ram upgrade is possible too.

Sorry for the long post and awaiting eagerly your comments.
A core i3 would be plenty for her needs, but an i5 would give that little extra
For her tasks you will notice zero difference between ram speeds (not that OEM laptops use the fast speed ram anyways)
Is there a reason why you want a hard drive and not a solid state drive. Everything will be much much faster with an ssd drive?
That 1368 resolution is the bare minimum you will find in any 15" model, anything of higher quality will have 1920x1080 screen.


Jun 26, 2016
I would go with a Lenovo W520/W530 as they can hold a lot more RAM and have higher-tier processors than the others. I know people say you don't need an i7, but if you want it to last a couple of years, it will sure come in handy vs that i3 that will start slacking after a year.