Need a gaming laptop that can run games like WoW, Witcher 3 & GTA


Nov 19, 2014
I have around £900-1000 at my disposal to choose and buy a laptop that would fit my needs. As well as the games I've listed (the newest of which I'm not expecting to be able to play on ultra/high settings) I'd also like the laptop to be able to handle some software development and Games Development (Android Studio, Unity 3D, Blender etc). Can anyone point me in the right direction of such a machine (prefer the likes of amazon, currys, etc) and convince me to purchase it for Christmas! I haven't got long left to choose and it would really help if you guys could give me a hand since I'm not the best at searching for the best specs and what not. Thanks guys!

Note: Please don't try and convince me to buy a desktop as I have nowhere to put it and prefer laptops.
There are lots to choose from, Skyast. I can throw some names and series' your way, but you'll have to decide on the specs and aesthetics. For the type of games/work you mentioned, I'd recommend getting something at least with either an i5 or an i7, and either a 960M, 965M, 970M, or 980M graphics chip.

Brands: Asus, MSI, Clevo, Gigabyte, or possibly Lenovo.

Asus: RoG series (specifically the GL552, GL752, or G752 models).
MSI: GE62 or GE72 models.
Clevo: N155RD, N177RD, P650RE, or P670RE.

I'm not as acquainted with the other brands, but hopefully that's a start.
Both are good! I like the GE72 systems. They're a noticeable improvement in build quality compared to the GE60 and GE70 models.

The first link (2QD-238UK) has a CPU that's slightly older than the second system you linked (I stress slightly), but it has an SSD. Although the SSD is small, it'll make your system really fast.

The second link (6QC-034UK) is newer, touting a newer chipset, newer memory, and a newer CPU, but without the SSD.

That said, the older system in the first link will be noticeably faster, but only because of the SSD. If you wanted to add your own SSD down the road, the second system is a better option.


For that price, you should get a laptop with an i7 m cpu, gtx 960m, 16 gigs of ram and the storage varies.

You could have a look a pc specialist as they offer a good number of laptops.

If you want branded laptops, then look at msi and asus.

That depends on which configuration you're asking about (there are several listed in a drop down menu there). The key differences between the GE72 and GE62 are the weight and size; the GE72 has a bigger screen, is larger, and weighs slightly more. Other than that you're comparing the same things.
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