need a gaming laptop under 1500

Rhavi Marques

May 26, 2013
i'm leaning on the lenovo's high end model Y50 with the 860m, 16gbs of RAM and 4gbs of VRAM, i'm trying to find a 870m but i don't think i've found any under 1500 dollars,
i know there are some custom laptop brands but those dont deliver in the 2-3 week window i have to buy one.

any ideas? i just found MSI's GE70 with a 860m, but that has an i5, and i think i'd notice the drop from the i7 on my CAD programs and such.
any other ideas?

have fun my friend:

gtx 870M, and an I7 4800MQ (the next step up from the 4700) this is the 17.3' model,
the 15/6' model here:


Apr 30, 2014
First, go to Find there Sager NP8268-S. It comes with a GTX 870m, Core i7-4810MQ (Yes, 10, not 00), 8GB RAM, 750GB HDD (Upgrade to 1TB for $20), and many other features. Here is the link:

It starts off at $1287, an amazing price for the specs. It comes with a free Watch Dogs (Limited time), free cooling upgrades, a Blue Ray reader and DVD/CD reader and writer, etch. If you want to max out the experience, there are a couple of grades to get to $1500.

1) Add Windows 8.1
2) Add an Msata 120GB SSD
3) Upgrade to 1TB HDD
Now, you have an extra $40 of something close to that, to spend. Either:

1) Upgrade to 12GB RAM for $45 or
2) Get the "Deliver within 1-4 business days upgrade for $49 and finally
3) GTE the added padding during shipping upgrade for $40. delivers within 7-9 business days, so they are fast. However, if you're impatient, get upgrade #2. If you care more about the system's capabilities, get upgrade #1. If you care about the system ITSELF, get upgrade #3. Either way, you're ending up right around $1500. Whichever way you choose, you're good. And I DON'T recommend you get that MSI. MSI offers great quality performance, but one thing kills any chance of me ever getting one: Instead of Sager/ASUS/Alienware etch, they use a single fan solution, resulting in poor cooling. VERY POOR COOLING. I got the GT60 Stealth, and it literally, like, literally, "died" due to the heat overload. So, just a tip, never go MSI. However, they're new 3K edition laptop comes with a 3K resolution and dual fans, but unfortunately for you is priced at a costly $2000.

Hope I helped!