Need a good sound system for my gaming porjector room!


Mar 25, 2014
Hi, so recently I invested in a Benq HT2150ST projector that is connected directly into my PC.

I have a 3.5mm extension cable running to my bed so I can use my headphones while playing games etc, however I currently have no solution to when I'd like to watch a movie with my brother/friends without having to bring my Bose computer speakers over and in front of my bed, which are fairly good in quality for my small room but its not very convenient to unplug and move em everytime I wanna use them, not to mention that I need a longer 3.5mm extension cable to be able to properly set them in front of me.

my question is, how powerful is my on board sound? can I run a 5.1/7.1 system using my motherboard sound? I am using a Sennheizer HD598s and they run just fine but any 5.1 system is gonna require way more power to run, correct? Can I get a amplifier and then connect the sound system to that?

Also what about bluetooth connection? I have a bluetooth usb adapter on my PC and I was thinking to get one of those logitech bluetooth audio adapter and run my current PC speakers wireless but I wasn't sure about the quality difference between wired and bluetooth.

lastly, considering all above, please recommend me a good sound system or even a sound bar less than $400 Canadian dollars. I kind of had my eye on a BOSE Sounbar Solo 5 but I'd much rather get a 3D surround system if possible.

oh and my motherboard is a MSI Z97 Gaming 5.

You can't use passive speakers with any motherboard without an amp. It can be separate or build into self powered speakers.
Bluetooth is stereo only.
I would suggest something like this
Connect the HDMI out of the PC (and any other sources) to the receiver. Receiver HDMI out to the projector.
I think it will give you a much better result than the Bose or any other soundbar. It can also be upgraded with better speakers when the cash and opportunity arises.
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