Need a Headset Recommendation


Dec 8, 2014
Hello. I am looking to buy a headset for about $70. The intention of the headset is gaming/music/talking. I have a pair of Razer Kraken pro took perfect care of it, but the left speaker is basically dead within a month of purchase(you can only hear it if you do a sound test) so I gave up on taking care of it. I have no plans on purchasing another pair of those.

1. Logitech G930. They cost $70.

2. Logitech G430. They cost $65.

3. Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. They cost $60.

Can someone tell me which headset is the best for it's price and which headset is the best overall. If all of the headsets I have listed suck, can someone recommend a headset that's good around the price range of $80?

I am a bit worried about purchasing a pair of Logitech G930 because in reviews all I read is the headset always turns off and the charge port is very delicate and easily broken. I am worried about the Hyperx Cloud gaming headset because they don't seem very strong/reliable.


Oct 4, 2014
I use the G930 and absolutely love it. The sound quality is amazing in my opinion. Playing BF4 with that surround sound right up next to your ears is just incredible. I've been using them for a year and have had no problems with them either. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone especially for the price. Everyone says that I sound good too when using the Mic so no problems on that end of things. They perform at a level similar to headsets double its price. You should just get them. For every product there may be a few that don't work properly or a few people unhappy with their purchase which is unnerving since these are the people who often right reviews. Seriously though, good headset especially for the cost.


Dec 5, 2014
The Plantronics GameCom 780 is pretty good, 60 dollars now on amazon, reviews about it are pretty positive too, the one thing I'm worry about is the build quality though, as mine come broken in the package, which I returned immediately.

Logitech G930 is probably the one with most feature on the headset, being wireless and everything around the price range.

Audio quality wise, the HyperX Cloud is probably the best among all headphones I have used under 100 dollars (make no mistake, I have used at least 20 headphones in that price range). They come with incredible amount of useful accessories for that price too.

If you need even more audio quality, I suggest you to get a pair of headphone with a modmic, V-moda boompro mic or a Zalman clip on, a Zalman mic is about 12 dollar, pair it with a Superlux 668b and you get much better microphone and audio quality compare to the 2 logitech and the razer you had.

Build quality of the HyperX Cloud is the least thing you have to be worried about among the few headset you listed, even including the other 2 i suggested. The only plastic part I notice is the can covers, the frame is almost entirely metal and aluminum, headband are made of leather, real leather, which is rare for any headphones/headset at this price range.
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