Need a laptop processor better than...


Mar 7, 2012
I need help choosing a laptop with a better processor than my desktop's I5-2300.
My budget is a little low, at $600, but hoping for something in the 2nd or 3rd Gen I7 range, needs a reasonable hard drive (over 500gb), probably about 8 gigs of RAM, and a dedicated graphics card would be nice but not necessary.

Screen size, audio quality, and weight arent a concern. Laptop will be mostly used for livestreaming, general browsing, lite gaming (if dedicated graphics), and Skype (webcam).

I'll understand if not all criteria can be met, I'm not giving much to work with. I'm asking on here because im not sure the relation between laptop and desktop cpu's and gpu's, furthermore you guys are likely 10x faster than me using a search engine. :pt1cable:

Thank you all in advance.