Need a replacement laptop battery for Medion Erazer

Mar 5, 2018
I was wondering if this battery will work in my laptop. I have done some reading and I understand mah doesn't matter too much but im not clear on Wh.

My laptop is a Medion Erazer x7831
This is my current battery

This is the battery I am looking at:

I think the Erazer x7831 is a rebadged MSI GT70. You can try searching replacement batteries for the latter on Amazon - I believe this is where MSI usually directs customers.

If you can find an OEM replacement, even if it costs a little extra, I recommend it. Some of the aftermarket batteries have been said to use lower quality electronics or cells.

You shouldn't have to worry about watt-hours, specifically. Try to match the original battery's electrical specs if you go with an aftermarket replacement (watts and amperage). Too much difference is not good.
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