Need advice about voltage/amperage replacement laptop power adapter


Mar 5, 2017
I have a Asus G60V laptop of which the soldered low voltage cable (brick to laptop) has compromised shielding / broken wires.

The brick itself has no issues besides the cable being compromised. It's still functional but I don't feel like it's safe.

I want to give this laptop to a relative of mine, who has recently run into a laptop failure and needs a new stationary workstation, which this laptop could easily provide, even if it was just for a couple of years at maximum.

I don't feel confident in my hardware related tinkering skills to replace and solder the low voltage cable, so I'm looking to purchase a new laptop power brick. This is where I've run into some trouble due to requirements of the laptop and my desire to purchase a universal power brick.

The Asus G60V has an input of +19V at 6,3A (120W).

The original power brick is a Delta electronics ADP-120ZB BB Input: 100-240V~ 2.0A 50-60Hz Output: 19V 6.32A

Now of course I've done some prior reading, and I'm well aware that an aftermarket universal power adapter is not an optimal choice. But I believe this laptop has a limited lifespan and therefore I don't feel like an official 60-80 euro adapter is worth the investment.

As far as I understand, It's the most important to get a close voltage match while It's no problem for the supplied amperage to exceed the input requirements, because it will just draw what's required at that moment. With a lack of amperage it would increase the heat generated in the adapter.

Now I know Trust doesn't exactly have the best brand name, but it's the only universal adapter I can find sold in my region which comes close to the requirements.

According to the specifications of the 'Trust universal laptop adapter 120W' EAN: 8713439168914 it supplies 120W with 6A max and has automatic settings for 15, 16, 19 and 20 volts.

Now I'm aware that these specifications don't align with the laptop requirements. But I was wondering if it could work properly. The laptop will only be used for light text processing and some youtube video viewing as the most resource intensive task. Would it be possible to use this adapter without significant risk?

I'd like to hear any advice or recommendations. If there are any other specific (universal) models recommended, please keep in mind that it has to be shipped to western Europe (NL).


Nov 21, 2006
Why not just get one on eBay?

Really, all you need is any laptop charger which is 19V and provides at least 6.3A. Amps don't matter as long as there are enough. So it could provide 6.3A or 100A.

19V it fairly common for laptops. So there is likely a wide range of compatible adapters. The biggest issue is the size of the plug. In a worse case scenario. You would have to strip wires and solder on your old plug. If you bought an adapter for a different make/model.

Polarity is also very important. The adapter label indicates polarity. You don't want positive and negative reversed.

If you want a better known PSU manufacturer. There are plenty of 19V 6.3A adapters from Liteon and FSP Group on eBay in your region. Although I could not say if the tips are correct.

As far as universal adapters go. You should look at 120W or higher adapters. Then just check the specs to be sure they supply at least 6.3A and have a 19V settings. There are a fare number in the 120w and higher range.


Mar 5, 2017

Well it could be an option eventually, but it has a few downsides which I'm not too comfortable with. The brands/manufacturers are completely unfamiliar to me so I have no idea how reliable they are or what the quality is. Another problem is with returns/refunds when possible issues arise.

You pointed out another potential issue that is about plug compatibility. In the event the plug is not compatible then the soldering solution wouldn't really bring that much benefit over just soldering a new cable onto my existing power brick, which isn't something I'm comfortable with.

But thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep the option in mind.
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