Need advice on when and what to buy


May 12, 2011
My Panasonic plasma recently broke and my warranty company reimbursed me for it, so now I need a new tv. I am willing to put $3k into a new tv if I have to, however I would feel more comfortable spending around $2k. I would use the tv mostly for pc gaming and blu-ray. The reviews of 4k resolution that I have read say that once you play games in 4k its really hard to go back to 2k resolution, which sounds amazing to me. However I know 4k content is pretty non-existent at this point, I really think it would be worth it for pc gaming. I plan to buy around May (hopefully more 4k sets will be available by then). Do you think its worth taking the plunge and shelling out the money for a 4k set now for the gaming benefit or would you stick with a really good 2k resolution set and save myself about a thousand dollars? Thanks for any thoughts.

Bassim Ansari

Dec 18, 2013
4k gaming is even non-existent at the moment.

What PC do you own? You do know that to play on such a high resolution you would need perhaps 3x Gtx 780ti for most games just to drive that resolution.

4k movies are even less non-existent. Mostly it's a market gimmick.

I am not saying 4k will never come. It surely will have it's time. But right now it's 2 years away comfortably. By that time, there will be so much newer technology that you will have to part with your current 4k tv anyway.

My feeling. Go for a good 2000 dollar TV that is 2k in resolution. You won't regret it. Save up the 1000 dollars.

Your options would be Samsung or Sony.

Sony just dropped its prices on the 55 incher that supports Triluminos. It's pretty awesome.

Otherwise you could go down the Samsung route too.

You can't go wrong here too, even though Samsung might be a bit more expensive.

Good luck :)


Oct 31, 2013
Your TV is not being used today. It will still be in use several years from now, when 4k is the standard.

Buy 4k.

The size of a TV should be determined by where it goes. Buy something that fits the space.

I can not tell You about one brand over another, as I have not purchased a 4k TV, yet.
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