Need advices for audio upgrade (PC)


Sep 27, 2016
I am looking to upgrade my headset/headphones (currently using the Ozone Rage ST headset, rather nice quality for its price) in order to get (much) better sound quality, and if possible, surround sounds for more immersive gameplay.

Now I have multiple options,n here is each of them:
-I thought about a 5.1 speakers kit, but while it may be good now (and I think my room is too small anyway), it may not be good in a few years if I need to move to continue my studies (my flat may be too small, and new neighboors may not like it :) ). Otherwise the Logitech Z906 would probably be my choice.
-I am considering a gaming headset, even if the word "gaming" is already not a good thing in a product from what I've read. The reason why is because headsets include everything in them, the mic, the headphones, and eventualy the soundcard that emulates 7.1. Also I guess they may start to have some quality at this point, right ? right ?
-The other option would be separate headphones, mic, and eventualy sound card or amp. But this option may be the most expensive...

So I'll stick with one of the two last options...

-For the headset, I am ready to put enough money in them if it means quality. My budget is around 200€, I can get up to 250€ if the device is worth it.
My choices went between the Logitech G633 (sadly a part of its price goes for the useless leds, but I've had a good experience with them so I guess I trust them enough) or the Sennheiser PC-363 (or 373 if they have any significant upgrade that would make the additional 50€ worth it) (I know for a fact and by experience that Sennheiser = quality, so maybe their headset are better than the regular gaming stuff ?). I havent seen many bad reviews about either's sound quality, but I guess the price difference is a hint. Is it significant thought ?

-For the headphones, I'd go for the Sennheiser HD-598 and a modmic. That makes a total of about 220€. Now I would probably go for that option if that was all I needed. However I will probably need an additional soundcard in order to have surround sounds, and that is another thing to add to the budget.

So my questions are:

-Would I need to buy a soundcard in order to get surround sounds in regular stereo headphones like the HD598 ? My current MB is an Asus H97M-E, specs say that it should not be required, but what does quality say ?
-Do the Logitech G633 or Sennheiser PC-363 or PC-373 have good sound/surround quality or should I go for a headphones+mic instead and pay the additional price ?
-In the case I'd need a sound card or amp to use surround on "non-gaming" headphones, do you have any reference that wont cost too much (100€ soundcards may be nice but I dont think I'd go this far for audio and I would go back to a good quality gaming headset with all-in-one) ?
-Do you have any other headphone/headset below 200€ (250 MAX only if it is realy worth it) that would be a better choice for gaming and surround than the ones I mentionned above ?

Thanks, I'll take any advice I can get. I am not really experienced with sound stuff, so I guess I'll rely on other people's experience to avoid begginer mistakes ^^
And sorry for the long post, I am not good at being clear in little time.


Jan 27, 2012
Obligatory there is no such thing as surround sound head phones post.

There is no such thing as a surround sound headphone. You need multiple speakers to fill a room with sound. You need multiple speakers to create low frequency tones and high frequency tones at the same time due to physical limitations of large drivers.

Neither of those things applies to a headset! Look at the INSANELY EXPENSIVE audiofile headsets. Not a single one of them has surround sound. not a single one of them tries to "emulate" or "fuzzy logic" or any of that crap. It is all a waste of time, money, and effort for the consumer.

Get a high quality set of AUDIO MONITORS and call it a day. You will never regret it or go back.

It has to do with the fact that you have two ears. Can you tell if something is in front or behind or side to side? Of course you can. Does it take surround sound to accomplish that? NO. You have two ears. With two ears you have stereo sound and your BRAIN makes it surround.

Again, there is no need for a "surround" sound headset due the the physics of physics.
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