Need Amp Recommendation -- 60W bookshelf speakers, bare wires, paired with chromecast audio


Aug 28, 2012
Hello - I have a couple of old bookshelf speakers that I would like to pair up with a chromecast audio, but I need an amp. The speakers have bare wires and are labeled as 40W, 6 ohms. Can anyone recommend a decent amp that will work with this setup? I am far from an audiophile, so it doesn't need to be top of the line. Most of the recommended amps I've seen are either too low powered, too expensive, or don't have bare wire outputs. I'd like to stay below $100, but I'm willing to entertain options higher than that if necessary. Thanks!
Not knowing the quality of the bookshelf speakers something like this should be OK
The power ratings on these kind of amps is not measured or presented in the same way a receiver or amp would be. They give the power at 10% distortion which is pretty high. Most amps would be rated at .01% or less.
It is still more power than you need but not that much more.
A used amp or receiver might be a better option. Check with thrift shops etc. 6 ohm load is not hard to drive and you should be able to get 40-50 watt per channel units pretty cheaply. A stereo unit will usually sound better than a surround sound receiver.