Need an Advice of 46" LED TV, UN46D8000 or KDL46NX720?

Which one should I buy?

  • Samsung UN46D8000

    Votes: 5 83.3%
  • Sony KDL46NX720

    Votes: 1 16.7%

  • Total voters


Apr 19, 2011
Hi Folks, I'm looking for a new 46 inch LED TV to place at my living room.

There are two model I'm interested in. (Samsung UN46D8000 and Sony KDL46NX720)
I did read many user reviews. But still can't make a decision on it :(

Anyone own any of these? I need some advice on it!
if you don't own, maybe you could check out the review below. and help me choosing it, Please.
Samsung UN46D8000 and Sony KDL46NX720
I really don't know which one is better.

Great Thank to you all, Wells.


Oct 15, 2007
best advice..

1. bring your own content (something that looks 3d without glasses) to test both televisions
2. wait 10 years to learn which television has a higher failure rate

sounds silly perhaps, but higher visual quality does not mean the television is resistant to failure.


Nov 8, 2011
If you are looking for 3D stay away from Sony and look for some 3D THX certified TV. If it's just 2D quality what you are looking for Sony is fine but overpriced. I had a KDL46NX720 for 2 days, I was looking for 3D, this is my review:
If you are looking for a 3D TV this is not a wise choice. I returned 1 KDL46NX720 and after checking out 2 other models and a KDL55NX720 at the sony store I found out they all have a serious problem in terms of 3D. The 3D effect decreases to almost no 3D effect at all at the upper side of the screen. The middle and lower area look OK in 3D with minimal crosstalk, but in the upper side of the screen there is absolute crosstalk, no 3D effect at all. This is more evident when looking at objects with good contrast that are meant to be distant or pop out of the screen. Pay attention to this if you own one of this TVs.
Whether it be 3d games, bluray 3D, 3D internet/USB videos or 3D TV signal it's always the same. It is not an HDMI cable issue. It is useless to tweak the picture settings. The dejudder setting makes it even worst. Some other people reports the same issue but at the lower side of the screen.
Stay away from this if you are looking for a 3D TV including the series EX72x which have the same problem.


Dec 7, 2005
I'm in the market for my first HDTV. The task is fun, but a bit daunting. I ran across this site that has been helpful so far. They have partnering site links at the bottom of the page. I've been cross referncing Amazon and Cnet User Reviews to search for problems on particular sets as review sites make little or no reference to reliability issues.
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