Question Need an iOS extension app that blocks unwanted search keywords from Google

Sunny Cat

Jun 15, 2022
I’m currently going through quite a hard time in my life and am very sensitive to triggering online content so would like a free extension app for iOS that blocks these unwanted search keywords and websites from appearing on Google search results.

I know I can simply add things like “-(insert unwanted keyword)” and “” to Google search queries but when I need to block numerous keywords and sites from appearing in every Google search that I make this is just far too much hassle.

Apparently there are already extensions/plugins that can do all this without one having to manually type anything into the Google search bar, though they're only available on computers and also cost an extortionate amount of money (I don't own any computers/laptops, only an iPhone and an iPad). I’ve tried typing things like “search keyword blocker” into the App Store and even downloaded a couple of free apps that looked promising but have had zero luck (all other iOS apps that appeared when searching for keyword blockers costed money or were screen time/parental controls apps or ad-blockers, which I do not need).

I would like a free extension that can do all this for me as soon as possible, as I still need to use the internet for many things but must be far more careful and better protected than I used to be as I really hate being reminded of bad times in the past.
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