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Aug 1, 2016
I'm new here, so I apologize if my post is on the wrong forum. If some can move it to the right forum go right ahead. Anyhow, I'm looking to buy some AKG - K702 for gaming and I was wonder my motherboard has enough power to drive them or will I need to buy an amp. The motherboard I have is the GigaByte Z370P D3. If this motherboard can't juice them, then I am willing to purchase the Fiio e10k. I just want to know how much ohms can my motherboard handle. Thank you !

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The Massdrop x AKG K7XX is based on the K702 65th Anniversary Edition. I think the bass is boosted a few db and by all accounts it has a huge soundstage and is excellent at imaging so it's pretty much ideal for gaming.

There's a reason they've sold well over 20,000 of them. You need a free Massdrop account to see them if you don't have one.

Also comes in red.

I don't think any of the AKG K7xx series are easy to drive so yes you'll need an amp. That motherboard does not have one integrated.

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The K7XX may be a better headphone for less money at least from what I've read. The 702 is very bass lite so the K7XX might be more fun for games.

But there is no wrong choice. Audio is very subjective. I'm thinking about getting the K712 Pro as my next set.
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