Question Need connection help to decide, yes or no, to use pre-amp

Mar 28, 2023
Not really want to get in any discussions regarding the dis/advantages of using a pre-amp.
I have a not so new Pyramid stereo pre-amp (SEA 500)
In a nut shell, I’d like to connect it to my system to see if it’s worthwhile to keep.
I’ve researched MANY pages of diagrams and forum pages but cannot seem to find what I need to connect ALL my devices.
List of my system:
Sansui 7000 receiver
Yamaha double cassette deck
Pyramid SEA 2500
Sony multi CD player
older ADC sound shaper one ten equalizer
Beogram 5000 turntable

I am able to to connect all pieces to use them, however, but not the Pyramid.
The 7000 has jumpers in the pre out and main in jacks, This is where I am unfamiliar. I believe thats where I connect it, but unsure how to complete all the other connections....
Can someone walk me thru the connections, make a diagram to share?, or point me at a diagram somewhere that I can refer to?
Thanks in advance.