Solved! Need hdmi help please

Nov 7, 2018
HDMI help please
I don’t think the whole post showed earlier..
I went to connect my laptop to the television and for some reason nothing showed with HDMI I also went to connect my fire stick to the laptop and again nothing showed. I was informed that HP touchscreen has an input HDMI.. even so I cant understand why it wouldn’t work with the television as well
When you connect a laptop to a TV with HDMI there are a couple of things you have to be aware of.
1. The order you boot the laptop and select the input on the TV affects how the two 'handshake". Change the order.
2. If the resolution of the laptop screen isn't compatible with the TV you will get an no signal or error message. Set the TV as a 2nd or extended display. Then adjust the resolution to match that of the TV.
The Firestick has to connect to the TV. Your laptop has an HDMI output but not an input.


Question from tylertime : "I have an HP touchscreen laptop.. it’s only 2 years old...and I went to connect the hdmi port to the tv... nothing showed. T"

HDMI is either in or out but not both. So if u want to show the laptop desktop on TV, an HDMI OUT port should be used. Very unusual for laptops to have HDMI IN. Don't listen to anybody, verify yourself, the info should be clearly written on the manual.