Feb 18, 2010
Hi people, my current laptop Lenovo G580 is getting to an age where I need to replace it. It's making hell a lot of noise, and the cpu is on high temperature, around 60 + on idle which is not good. It also start to get slow when I use it for work. I would prefer to prolong using it and not need to spend money. However that may not be a possibility, so I should keep my eyes open on a good laptop.

My requirements are:
High RAM - I do a lot of programming, and software development. Its quite taxing and resource demanding. Especially Java!. I also use a lot of tabs and some times 8 GB is not even enough. So 8 GB is a minimum.
CPU - I think i5 ideal for my needs. Solid CPU to do work, everyday use and also capable of playing some games.
HDD - 1T preferably with an SSD for the OS. I need a lot of space, also good for running dual boot.
GPU - I dont plan to play a lot of games, but I do play and I currently dont have a desktop. Which is not an option currently. Which is why a decent GPU is needed. For casual play.
Display - Also highly important to have a nice wide screen. 15" is a must. It's horrible to program on a small size screen!

I think that mostly it. I am looking for a enterprise lvl laptop. I want it to last, be sturdy, have good components and last. I want to make sure that I can use it for my Masters studies and work, and my gf can also use it for her studies once she starts and I finish. So I would say for the next 5 years.

I guess the budget is from £500 + I would say no more then £1000 I think it's too much to pay for a laptop.

I am not picky on brands, Dell, Lenovo and Asus I think are usual go to. But I don't know what they offer in term is high end quality laptops. The one I am using is my gf. I am not a laptop expert :/



Jun 5, 2013
I was actually looking for a laptop and found a Lenovo Y40-80, its on sale right now, it comes with all your requirements at the standard price of $650. I can't say if it is available in European countries. The link is :