Need help connecting a "vintage" stereo to my LG Smart TV


Apr 4, 2014
I've seen advice in this forum regarding the use of optical connections/cables for external audio, but with a vintage stereo, that's not an option for me. The problem is that I can run the cable audio to the external stereo system just fine, but I can't send the Netflix audio to the external system. When I try, I just get the sound from whatever station is playing on the cable channel..

If someone had said "can't be done," I would have accepted that -- but the crazy thing is that I had the Netflix audio working for a while on the external audio system and then something reset (??) and I can't get it back. I know it was working because I was getting a slight delay between the TV sound and the external audio system sound. But I want to use the external audio system just for movies and music videos (mainly), so that wouldn't matter.

I don't think it's a hardware problem. I have two audio out pairs on my set top box -- one goes into the TV and I'm running the other to my external audio amplifier (Aux, Tuner, whatever). There's another three-cord combo of RCA connectors (video and two audio)that connects from the set top box to the TV. There's really no other hookup that makes sense.

I'm thinking that it has to be software, but I don't know where to start. I've tried messing around with the LG Smart TV audio settings but can't see anything that addresses the problem. And if it's a problem with the Netflix app, I don't know how to address that. Would there be some sort of audio setting adjustment on the laptop sending the Netflix app to the TV???


clarification required:

you are running netflix via your smart tv app?

if the above is true then how do you have your stereo hooked up to the tv? what outputs does the television have for audio?) so far all i see listed is that you have your settop box connected to the tv via composite cables and the other pair of composite going to your stereo. i see nothing going from tv to stereo.

jor if you are running it from the laptop via the web browser how is your pc connected? via hdmi to the tv i am thinking. if so we still need to know how the tv is connected to the stereo (output from tv for audio to input on the stereo)

please specify.


Mar 28, 2014

Also, how are you connecting audio and video of the laptop running Netflix to the TV and the audio system?
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