Need help deciding what headset to buy


Oct 18, 2014
I need to buy a new headset as my turtle beach z11 is dying. I currently have a choice of 3:
Hyper X:
Which one should I buy? If not these, do you recommend any good headsets on a budget of £60-£70? I mostly play FPS and others; CSGO,BF etc and use VOIP regurlarly, please recommend.


Jan 11, 2015
The logitech is a good gaming headset, although I don't know anything about the software it comes with. I own a set of Razer Kraken Pro (white) and I absolutely love them. The only con to them is they are sort of uncomfortable after long periods of gaming if you wear glasses. But I also have a huge noggin so that may be part of the issue (can't help that!) The software it comes with, Razer Surround Pro is really good from my experience. I believe with a purchase of them and registration you get it for free, although I'm not sure if I caught it during some sort of promotional period or what have you. I will link them if you want to check them out.
that link also has a bunch of different color options, if you're interested in that. The Razer site has a little more detail to it, which I will link below.


Dec 5, 2014
The Logitech's audio is decent, not great by any means but its okay, mic quality of that is really good though, probably the best among 3. Plastic built.

The HyperX Cloud audio is good, the best out of 3 in my experience, keep in mind that this is very subjective so my good audio may not be equivalent to your definition of good audio. Mic quality is decent, removable, a bit low but definitely enough for everyone to listen what you're saying clearly. Widely known as best bang for the buck as this stereo headset comes with a lot of accessories. Aluminium build with headband made out of real leather which is very rare for headset this price point.

The Siberia V2 is not a bad choice too, audio quality is okay, decent mic quality, retractable, looks pretty nice too, probably the best looking headset out of the 3, I do however, finds nothing special with this headset, they don't make much mistake with it, its just not outstanding in any way. Build is made out of half plastic, half metal.

The Razer Kraken Pro mentioned above, I find it very comfortable, a lot of bass despite sound muddy at that. Mid and High is basically non-existant, terrible audio quality if you ask me. Mic is okay, not great but sufficient for your teammates to hear you. Made out of plastic.

Anyway, I recommend you to try it on in a store nearby to find out which exactly is the one you want if you can. Surround sound shouldn't be much of a concern as I find surround software like Razer surround or SBX surround gets the job done as well. I have been using Razer surround that comes with any Razer purchase with my stereo headset, works pretty well.

Also it seems that HyperX is coming out with a Cloud II somewhere next month, so you might wanna wait a bit if you're not in rush and wants a HyperX, as far as I know it will have 7.1 surround and a USB sound card with it, not sure if you can turn if off though.