Question Need help finding a new TV for mom.

Jul 23, 2021
My mother is 90 years old and has vision issues and arthritis in her hands. Her 20 year old Visio flat screen TV is in need of replacement and I'm looking for something that someone her age and as technically challenged as she is can operate. No internet no cable box just a coax connected to the TV and to select a channel she needs to be able to enter the channel number on her remote as xx.x (i.e. 87.5). She needs something that when she presses the power button the TV shows the last channels she was watching when she turned the TV off. Nothing complicated and NO menus, just a plain old "dumb" TV with an easy, uncomplicated remote. No requirements on picture quality as anything made today will have a better picture than her 20 year old Visio TV. I would like to be able to buy this TV online from Walmart or Amazon and have it shipped to her. Size needs to be in the 50 -55 inch range. Any recommendations will be helpful. Thanks.
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