Need help in figuring out wires for audio jack replacement.


Apr 20, 2013
So I recently broke the audio jack of my Sennheiser OCX685i and I decided to replace it with a new jack.But I cannot figure out which wire goes where in the replacement jack.There are 4 wires
and I am using this replacement jack
So which wire is to be soldered where.
Thanks in advance. UPDATE:- This might help the white wire was covered with same fabric and copper wire hope this helps.


Feb 6, 2013
this might help a bit.

I'm not sure which is the ground in your case. I would thing that it is:
gold: ground
red: right audio
whit: left audio
blue: mic
But I cannot say that that is correct. the diagram shows were each go. now which is which is the question. hope that helps. =]

Ignore the right half. Use a multimeter to test conductivity between the parts of the jack and the solder points.

Gold (bare wire) is almost always ground (shield/sleeve). So if it doesn't work, there are only 5 other possible combinations of the remaining 3 wires.


Feb 6, 2013

that fabric and stuff is the cables insulation.

connect the wires to the pins indicated by the numbers in the above pic as follows:
1: White wire (left audio)
2: Red wire (right audio)
3: Blue wire (mic)
4: Gold wire (ground)
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