Need help picking out a modern replacement for my old Dell Latitude


Jul 6, 2015
After a faithful 6 years of service, my beloved Dell Latitude E6530 laptop died when its motherboard fried. I was wondering if there was at all any laptop like it currently, with modern specifications of course, as I was planning on just buying the exact same laptop again since it was so reliable the first time, but I wanted something a bit faster so I can play newer modern games like Far Cry 5 or Monster Hunter World on it.

I’ve been browsing some laptops and I’ve found nothing like it yet, my main number one concern above all else being durability. I need what is essentially a Military-Grade laptop in terms of durability as I am, to put it lightly, a ridiculously clumsy person who should not be trusted with delicate electronics at all costs, my old Latitude, never failed on me until last Wednesday, in fact. I realized that just by looking at them, I wouldn’t last very long with some of the newer ones LMAO, they all seem to be so flimsy and plasticky and fragile that I don’t think that I will be able to have them operable for long. My old laptop withstood several desk level drops for years and just shrugged it off. I was hoping to just get a modern business laptop and noticed that they are basically the same as the old Consumer-Grade laptops I stayed away from all those years ago. I don't care about lightweight or the best screen resolution (though that being said, high resolution would be nice, Full HD at the very least), I just want something speedy, nice looking, reliable, and durable, with decent battery life and space. I did find the Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme during my searches, but it seemed a bit too…excessive to say the least, I want something durable, not a ballistic sledgehammer.

One thing I was wondering was if I am just overreacting and if the modern stuff is just as durable as the old stuff, just in a smaller, thinner form factor, as they got rid of the Dell Tri-Metal cases for laptops I see. Also, I would if possible appreciate a DVD Optical Drive as I like to watch movies on the go on the laptop when I go out to places with no internet, other ports would be nice too like HDMI, USBs, and other stuff, not sure.

Basically I just want a modern equivalent to the old-school style laptops I like. Sorry for the very long near-essay, just wanted to get my point across, also I am willing to answer any additional questions, thank you.
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