Need help setting up my tv and and stand for my bedroom


Mar 26, 2013
My 50 inch tv and stand are coming and I need help where should I put them as my room is so small.

edit: I need to mention that next to the door is the light switch for my lamp so I have to keep it there

edit: again better pictures. not really a great set up, but whatever



photos would have been a bit more helpful when dealing with tight clearances.

my suggestions based on the crude diagram above?

A) move the least things possible. use a swing arm boom mount for tv to position for viewing
-move the bed against the left wall by the window.
-move the nightstand next to it.
-move the dresser against the right wall.
-tv on bottom wall.

B) better layout given you can watch tv from bed or move computer chair a bit to watch tv from pc.
-move the bed, nightstand as in option a.
-move dresser against bottom wall.
-move computer desk against bottom wall
-tv on right wall



I would suggest taking option A, as then the TV won't be on the wall opposite the window. That way there won't be any glare from the window while watching from the bed.

edited - typo:pfff:
looking at things... looks like you might have option C

-wall mount the tv behind the pc desk.

since it looks like you only have a laptop, in this way you really do not need to change anything in your room at all. as far as having better viewing angles.. you can get a boom arm style wall mount for $80-100. we use one in the other room on a 55" which gets used for a similar purpose as yours. as long as you do not put much on the desk that is high hight, that would work out fine. at most just swap bed and drawers positions .

similar designs to this

as far as glare, agreed just use thicker curtains.

if you wanted it on the south wall (only other option), then you could always put the dresser bottom right, tv bottom wall towards the left and shift the bed up along the left wall.
The time I placed the bed next to window, I hated the added street noise and wind when sleeping, YMMV.

Here is my DIY shallow stand if you don't want to wall mount it:


And I recommend indirect lighting for nighttime viewing, better viewing comfort. Here using a dark acrylic under light bulb: