Need help with 2.1 system. Extreme audio noob (beware)


Feb 16, 2013
Hey there.

So A few days ago I was given a Sony SA-W2500 subwoofer as a gift from a relative. It is an active subwoofer. My goal is to buy two passive speakers (currently looking at a pair of Polk T15s) and use the subwoofer as their source of power.

So my question is...with the Polk T15 speakers (, a creative x-fi titanium sound card (, and a Sony SA-W2500 (, how can I make a 2.1 system work? And if I can't, what else would I need?
yes, that sony subwoofer is active and self powered but that does not mean it can also power speakers. generally how active subs with speaker inputs work is that they can take a high level amplified signal from the amp/receiver and pass it through to the speakers

it would be cheaper to just get a pair of active speakers and use the aux 3.5mm aux input on the subwoofer.
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