need help with fps stuttering on AMD sony vaio laptop, IT expert needed

Kareem Ayman

Aug 1, 2013
Hi. My name is Kareem.I used to overclock very slightly on my laptop using the unofficial MSI Afterburner, it was working fine until some error happened, although i don't know if it's directly related to OCing or not, but i DID add kernel mode and then kernel mode exception not handled was the error.Now i went to the local service center, and it got fixed.they changed the complete hard drive.Now, whenever i run any kind of video or any game, the first time it loads a level or a video every boot, it stutters the hell out of anything, so every first ten minutes in every level are living gaming's like every 2 seconds one second stutter, and heavy levels might take 3 seconds stutter every 2 i was searching for a fix, and i can't find. mostly says use MSI afterburner again or some Nvidia tweaking stuff, while i'm AMD. so the question is, if i overclock again in user mode, will i fix that stutter? or most importantly will it ever cause the kernel mode again? cause it says if that ever happens i should reinstall the graphical drivers, which i can't reupdate since actually i don't have but the vaio version of the driver and i can't install any other driver, now if it actually WILL remake the error, are there any fixings to this stuttering? many people say it's the CPU, but before the fixing the laptop from the overclock it was fine with abseloutely no stuttering whatsoever, so i need to know if overclocking will fix it, and if it will not, what would?
i'm sorry if it's long it's just that this stuttering is completely holding my gaming capabilities and giving me a hard time, it's even affecting my temper i'm always nervous now that this problem will happen at important times( and it does, like 6 continuous deaths in battlefield 3 due to complete stuttering in close quarter 1 on 1 combat and only resumes the fps after death) so please help me.