Need help with my Beyerdynamic 990 pro 250ohm headphones for gaming on a desktop


Apr 24, 2013
Hi i'm super confused about audio at the moment im not clued up on it for example having line outs, line ins using a amp as line in for example as people keep saying in the forums i read i have no clue about them setups or how to setup.

All i would like to know is simply how to power my Beyerdynamic 990 pro 250ohm headphones for gaming and music in the best possible way.

Am i better buying a 7.1 surround sound soundcard being the Asus Xonar Essence STX 2

Or buying the Fii0 e09k along with the Fiio e17 and having them sit on my desk to power my headphones?.

One of the problems i have with the headphones is i cannot adjust the volume while ingame for example i have to alt tab out and use the windows sound setting %0 - %100.

So the Fii0 portable e09k amp and e17 dac would come in handy since i can use the volume buttons as they sit on my desk, the problem is that i read that the Fiio products cannot handle surround sound.

And if i use the soundcard only i believe it has a amp and dac but how good is that compared to the Fiio combo and surround sound is better than stereo for gaming?, and if i bought only the sound card then is there a way i can easy manage my volume without having to alt tab out from games to use the setting in the bottom right corner of windows for the volume ajustment thanks.


May 24, 2009
i have a corsair k60 keyboard that has a volume control on it and it is great

I have a fiio amp and it does a great job with music. i use the optical out from the computer into the little amp then plug my headphones into it, hell i even use it in the car sometimes as it seems to clean up the sound nicely.

as far as 7.1 and gaming I have never really bothered while using headphones. I have a cheap 5.1 setup around the computer also but really I do not know the benefits of 7.1 for gaming or even it is is possible with your headphones (usually do not see more than three drivers in headphones in my experience)
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