need help with new headphones


Jul 16, 2016
Hello everyone

Today i got a new pair of headphones ( fidelio x2hr). The sound is great but I can't tell if something explodes nearby or further away. When you are wearing the fidelio x2hr you are supposed to get sounds around you, that is not what I get. The sound is more in my head like a closed back headphone. The headphones also don't leak that much sound. Maybe my audio settings are the problem? I will place a link to what they are now. I only have realtek audio driver.

realtek audio settings:

I can only pick 5.1 speakers, why?

sound settings windows
picture 1
picture 2
picture 3

If you need help with translation ask me. I really really need a solution. Otherwise I need to bring them back.


True Buie

Aug 29, 2016
Heyo JustAnAverageGamer

If you're using anything like 5.1 virtual surround sound, then drop it. These headphones will do a great job with the soundstage without any "assistance". They're huge in sound, and that's probably also what you've heard about them beforehand. I know in CS:GO there's some sound options where you can choose different surround settings and an option for just headphones. The headphones option will do you the best.
Virtual surround will 99% of the time ruin good stereo headphones. They're changing way too much about the sound signature and don't offer any real benefit.
Any extra options you might have added in windows sound settings, you should remove them. They won't do you any good.
If you feel like the quality isn't the best, an external DAC could help. You're probably using your on-board sound(?) and this really isn't the best option. Low quality and it's in a noisy environment.

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