Need help with pioneer AVR receiver SC67

Aug 7, 2018
My wife has a hearing problem and I would like to be able to use a headset with seperate voulume capablility when we watch TV etc.
So far using multi channel 2 it plays sound but I am not able to increase her volume without increasing the master volume
The manual say I can but I have been unsuccessful
Help would be much appreciate
We only use one headset that’s for my wife
I use normal sound source via speakers
The “2” reference above refers to trying zone 2 out audio but it could not increase her headset volume without increasing master volume
I don’t see any port marked headset/audio only on the front panel and that works for her headset but it turns off audio to speakers
Appreciate your help


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Not sure of the full configuration you are using but just to get started....

You should be able to use an audio splitter. Connect the splitter to the TV's or the SC67 receivers's audio/headphone port and then two sets of headphones (with built in independent volume controls. Connectd with one set of headphones to each side of the splitter.

If the headsets have their own independent volume control she can set her volume higher and you can set your volume lower with the master volume set to be somewhere in between.

Should be fairly straightforward to use some older headsets etc. to test the concept and then buy newer headsets if desired.

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