Need help with Sony Handycam


Dec 16, 2015
I own a Sony Digital HD Video Camera Recorder (Handycam) and I have a 64GB microSD card pulled into it, but every time I take a picture or video and want to view it in the gallery, a screen pops up saying there are No Images or videos in the SD. I've read the manual and tried putting the battery pack out and back in in hopes of refreshing it, but nothing works.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced :D
Do not private message me for help. Use the forum. I will include your message here:
"The exact model is HDR- CX240. And yes it does support the microSD I have plugged into it. It used to show to images and videos so I don't know why it stopped doing that. "

Indeed it does support SDXC according to Sony:
What you should do is remove the card and try to access it on a computer using a memory card reader. If the memory card can't be read to at all, you'll have to format it. If the format doesn't work (gives an error) or the card can read but not write (transfer a file from the computer to the card), you will need to replace it.