Need help with the following: digital out from TV to 5.1 RCA input (Sony SAVA 700 Active Spkr System)

Jul 2, 2018
I have a new Samsung 8 Series TV with HDMI/Toslink out, which is to be connected directly to the Sony System in caption. The Sony System is a (dated) stand-alone 5.1 speaker system wherein a (dated) DVD or Blu-ray player or TV (or all the above) were connected directly to the speaker system without the need for a receiver. The system produced 5.1 surround sound from those devices with 5.1 output, and stereo, etc from the others.

All the connections were RCA out to RCA in, which is why I'm in need of a digital link to the 5.1 RCA inputs of the Sony (yes, the main speaker literally has 5.1 RCA jacks. The speakers still sound great, so I want to keep 'em (especially since the equipment adorns our/MY exercise room).

Please forgive my rambling, but know that I have complete faith that someone somewhere in the "tom's guide" universe has an answer to this riddle. Many, many thanks.

You could use something like this
but the problem is that the TV digital audio output is fixed volume level so you can't use the TV remote to control the volume. Unless the Sony speakers come with a master volume control you won't be able to adjust the volume or balance the channels.
You would need an AV preamp processor to use them. An older used one without HDMI inputs would work. You could also use an AV receiver if it had a full set of preamp outputs.
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