Need help with theatre sound


Aug 1, 2012
So I have been given a jvc rx-7030vbk.

I'll be needing some speakers to go with it. If possible I'd like to stay in the $200 range.

It looks like a good starting point, I just have no idea how to best use it or a set of speakers to complement.

This is my first go at a home theatre. thanks for the help!
Martin Logan does make quality speakers. I have noticed lately that Martin Logan has got into the lower priced consumer market.

If their mid to high end offerings translate downwards to their much less expensive speakers.

I would second the recommendation of american audiophile of those speakers but more on his advice for used speakers, getting some good ones(front mains/2.0) and building a good set of speakers.

Happy listening, the Prisoner...
Polk is not stealing your money at that price but it is what it is. If your interest is in music it will be pretty bad overall so go with good stereo. Take your ears to a high end dealer in your area and listen to what he plays for you. Some high end dealers take pleasure in letting people hear what they have been missing. They also often have trade ins.